Types of Fences built by West Stamford Fence

Cedar Fence

Cedar fence is an excellent choice. The natural oils in cedar help it to prevent rot, last longer, and be more durable in weather conditions. Cedar wood is also very appealing aesthetically and can be custom built to any shape or design, then coated to match your home perfectly. More about cedar fence >

Picket Fence

A picket fence can give your yard a nice homey feel and improve the value of your home. It is ideal for containing pets and securing a nice area for your children to play. Picket fences can be custom built from wood to match a specific design, or they can be made of vinyl for a fast and efficient installation. Call West Stamford Fence LLC to install your picket fence! More about picket fence >


Create a beautiful entrance to your yard or garden with custom built arbors from West Stamford Fence in Connecticut. Arbors can be an ideal place to support climbing plants, share wonderful memories, and increase the value of your home. Choose West Stamford Fence in Connecticut to build your custom arbor. Call us today!

Private Fence

West Stamford Fence also installs a variety of private fence to choose from. Surrounding your yard with a private fence can create a feeling of solitude and security. It can be a sound barrier to keep out unwanted noise and also provides protection from animals and is a deterrent for intruders. Secure your yard with a private fence from West Stamford Fence of Connecticut. Call today for a free estimate! More about private fence >

Deer Fence

Adding a deer fence around your yard can prevent deer from damaging your yard or garden plants. It can also deter other animals from entering. A deer fence can be custom built in such a way that it does not disrupt the aesthetic beauty of the nature surrounding your yard. West Stamford Fence knows exactly how to create a fence that will serve that purpose by constructing a natural looking fence that fits perfectly with your yard. Call West Stamford Fence today for a free estimate! More about deer fence >

Lattice Fence

Do you want to conceal an unpleasant view, make your home look more attractive, provide shade for an outdoor veranda? A lattice fence is a great choice, and West Stamford Fence are experts at installing and constructing prebuilt or custom lattice fence in your yard. Any design you have in mind, West Stamford Fence the perfect solution for building your lattice fence. Call today for a free estimate!

Custom Fence

A custom fence can provide any and all the benefits of any other type of fence you choose to install but it can be designed and built to fit any shape and style, to match your home, to fit a specific area of your yard, to serve a special purpose. West Stamford Fence are experts at building and installing custom fences of any kind. Call today for a free estimate!

Vinyl Fence

West Stamford Fence also does expert installation of vinyl fence. Vinyl fence comes in all shapes and sizes and some color options are available. A vinyl fence can be easily cleaned with a hose, is stronger than wood, is flexible, and is an affordable option as it is faster to install. If you are interested in installing a vinyl fence around your yard. Call West Stamford Fence today, and get a free estimate! More about vinyl fence >

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is an affordable, durable, low maintenance, option for installing a fence that is environmentally friendly and has good sloping ability. Aluminum fence is also an ideal choice for surrounding your back yard pool. At West Stamford Fence, we understand that there is more to protecting your pool than just putting up a fence around it. There are zoning laws and regulations that must be followed. West Stamford Fence will work with your inspectors to make sure your fence is up to code and will be safe and installed properly to protect your home and family.
Call West Stamford Fence today for a free estimate to install your aluminum fence!

West Stamford Fence also installs basic chainlink fence with the expertise to insure that your fence will be installed properly, safely, and precisely so it looks great. A chainlink fence can ensure your children and pets have a safe area to run and play. Chainlink fences are lower cost, low maintenance, and can increase the value of your home. Call West Stamford Fence today to get your free estimate!