Fence Installation in Fairfield County Connecticut

With Over 15 years professional experience with fence installation in Fairfield County Connecticut, fence building, fence repair, and fence service, West Stamford Fence is your best choice to get your fence project built quickly and efficiently.

West Stamford Fence does all kinds of fence installation in Fairfield County Connecticut including cedar fence, lattice fence, vinyl fence, picket fence, deer fence, and more.

Using the best materials and the highest quality standards, West Stamford Fence can build you a custom fence that is practical, functional, and pleasing to the eye.

We install pool fences.

At West Stamford Fence, we understand that there is more to protecting your pool than just putting up a fence around it. There are zoning laws and regulations that must be followed. West Stamford Fence will work with your inspectors to make sure your fence is up to code and will be safe and installed properly to protect your home and family. Call West Stamford Fence for your fence installation in Fairfield County Connecticut.

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We do fence installation in all of Fairfield County Connecticut.

West Stamford Fence will work from your design or blueprint or help you customize a fence exactly the way you want it so you can be sure your new fence will be a fine addition to beautify your property.

West Stamford Fence builds fences in the following cities.


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Read what our customers are saying.

Wow, Juan and his crew are the very best. We live in Ridgefield where fences are very important and part of the towns aesthetic. We had several quotes and Juan’s pricing came in great. They showed up on time, were polite and so hardworking. We have a corner lot and needed picket and privacy fencing in the back yard. It all came out beautiful and we receive so many compliments. We had a few slopes in the yard that would have been a struggle for most but they pitched everything perfectly and he gave us guidance. He is the best.

S. LeCroy

I would like to give an exceptional reference for Juan Velasquez. I have known Juan for over 20 years. Recently, he put in fencing at my house in Redding, CT and I would not have anyone else but Juan install fencing. Years ago before meeting Juan, I had fencing put in for over 2.5 acres which was very expensive at a house in Greenwich. The fence fell down and had to be ripped out. Ever since meeting Juan, we only have him install fencing. Juan recently installed all new fencing for our back yard, trust me when I tell you I would never have anyone but Juan install fencing. The fence is wood posts with wire mesh inside and he even put in extra heavy wire into the ground because my dog has dug out in the past. I asked Juan to secure it and he knew exactly what I needed! I never worry about my dog escaping. Then, I asked Juan to secure old fencing that we had for 20 years in the front yard. Wood was rotted and wire mesh was sagging and loose. Juan was not the one who originally installed this fencing. But, Juan not only secured the fencing for our new dog but also put in new posts. He even put in the extra heavy mesh underneath so this young dog could not escape. In addition to all of this, Juan suggested we put higher fencing in because our young dog was able to jump over the 4 foot fence. Thank goodness for his suggestion because had he not put in the extra height we needed, she would have been able to jump over the fence! He saved our dog. Before we called Juan to put in the stronger fencing, our new rescue dog was able to tear through the old fence and escape. We were able to find her and I called Juan in a panic because we live in a very wooded area with coyotes. Juan came right away and secured the entire old fence and since then she has never escaped. The fence is extremely secure! Never, ever a worry or problem with our fence since Juan fixed it. Calling other fence companies is a waste of time. They are probably overpriced, will delay you, or simply not do a secure job. But, not Juan. He always goes the extra mile and I never, ever worry about fence security or fear coyotes, bears, bobcats or any other animals in the area that could get in. My dog is secure. Juan’s prices are reasonable and you get peace of mind. Juan Velasquez is the best of the best and I don’t know what we would do if he was not in business. He works tirelessly, no matter what the weather (even in the pouring rain) and finishes the job on time and no one could duplicate his work. His workers are also terrific; they are trained by Juan personally. If anyone needs to call me to further discuss how professional, honest, ethical and simply the best, please feel free to do so at 203-751-4118. It’s rare today to find someone so reliable and professional! I give Juan the highest possible recommendation!

Lorrie Alberta
Redding, CT