Fence Services In Connecticut, Fence Installation, Fence Repair, Fence Maintenance

Fence Installation

West Stamford Fence offers the best fence services in Connecticut. We install all kinds of fences and we install fences correctly and with expert precision. With tireless work ethic, expertise, speed, and efficiency, we do the best job building your fence so it is safe for your family and looks great.

fence installation in Connecticut by West Stamford Fence

Custom Fence Building

Do you have a unique design idea for your new fence? West Stamford Fence offers complete custom fence building. Any fence you want we can build it. Whether it needs to serve a special purpose, or needs to be built around your favorite tree, or if it needs to match the siding and trim on your home exactly. We can build it for you. Call West Stamford Fence today for a free estimate!

custom fence building in Connecticut by West Stamford Fence

Fence Repair

Is your fence leaning, or beginning to rot in some places? West Stamford Fence of Connecticut can repair the damaged area and replace it with new, strong material that will match your fence completely. We can repair small damaged areas, or large parts of your fence. No repair is too big or too small. Call West Stamford Fence today! More about fence repair >

fence repair in Connecticut by West Stamford Fence

Fence Maintenance

Does your fence need to be cleaned or maintained. We can schedule a routine maintenance such as power washing or re-coating your fence as needed. Call West Stamford Fence today to get a free estimate on your fence maintenance in Connecticut.

fence maintenance in Connecticut by West Stamford Fence

Garden Fence

Protect your flower or vegetable garden with a custom garden fence by West Stamford Fence in Stamford Ct. Whether you need to protect your garden plants from local wildlife or if you want a beautiful enclosure for your garden sanctuary, West Stamford Fence will do an excellent job building your Connecticut garden fence.

garden fence in Connecticut by West Stamford Fence